Dempster Family Foundation

Dempster Family Foundation

Have you been looking for a foundation or an organization that helps a lot of children who are suffering from illness? Do you want to help kids who have sickness and suffer at a young tender age? Or do you perhaps love sports and would love to try joining a game all for a good cause? If you want to join an organization or support a foundation, how about you take a look at ours and see if you’d like to give us a hand? Besides, there are so many children out there who have various illnesses and we think that we all should be giving care and help them in as much as we can.

We all know how much people out there suffer from diseases, disorders and sickness. Some of them are in hospitals, taking medications but there are also people who don’t have the time nor the financial capacity to do so. It’s heartbreaking to think that there are people who are sick yet they can’t even go to a hospital and get checked up. That is why Dempster Family Foundation took action and built this organization that is aimed to provide great help for many people especially children. Now is not the time to waste in our garage doors in Henderson but a time to actually go out and give help to others and reach out to as many as we can. If you’re in need of Henderson garage door repairs, we highly recommend using A1 Garage Door Services.

The Dempster Family Foundation is here to help many children who are suffering from different illnesses, mostly of the 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Most of the children who have 22q will have developmental delays. It includes delays in growth, speech development and will have learning disabilities. As they grow up, the risk of having mental illness will increase. As a foundation that helps many children, we would love nothing more than to help these kids and other people suffering from 22q. It may be a complicated disorder because it deals with the chromosomes, however there are still treatments and right diagnosis for this syndrome so we ought to give help no matter what.

We accept any help from any donor but we’d also love if you could join our foundation and be a part of our organization. Our team reaches out to many people personally, we talk to them, help them get treated and stay with them throughout their treatments. As much as possible, we don’t just help by letting them get the medications they need, we also give them encouragement and support. We’d like to advocate these good things and do the good deeds we’d like to keep doing. It will also be nice if most of you will help us and support us in our missions.

With our foundation, we are able to let athletes play in many games while gaining funding for a good cause. We are happy that we’re able to let these players do what they want and at the same time, help children and many people through our foundation. If you ever think of joining us or giving us a help, please send us an email and talk to us. Thank you.