Dempster Family Foundation - Testimonials

My cousin also suffered from DiGeorge syndrome and her family and even us were really worried about her even when she was still a kid. She received help from this foundation and we’re really thankful because it was able to make her condition better. We don’t know what might happen in the future but we are glad that she’s doing good right now. Thanks to Dempster Family Foundation for helping our relatives especially my cousin!
Christian Y.

My daughter never wanted to gain help because she was kind of timid and she pushes people away. She mistakes kindness and concern as something bad because she thinks having this illness is not good. Yes, it’s not good because it becomes more dangerous and risky for her as she grows up. But I’m really thankful because your foundation helped me a lot with my daughter. You gave her support and encouragement so she was able to open up to me and to other people. She became open about this help your foundation will give her and I’m thankful for all of that.
Daniella G.

I don’t have any relatives nor family members who have this syndrome, however, I grew up getting curious about a lot of disorders. I wanted to know about these things so I searched a lot and even studied about them. While I’m still studying nursing, I want to help and be able to reach out to many people like what this foundation does so I want to join and give support. I hope I’ll be a great help to all of you.
Trisha P.

I’m really grateful for this website because I get to play in various matches or sports games. I don’t just play for my own entertainment and enjoy myself but I was able to become a great help too. It was really nice to be a part of this foundation.

Troy F.