About Us



The Dempster Family Foundation started a few years ago. This family, the Dempsters, have a child who suffered from an illness and disorder called 22q11.2. Growing up, the kid received treatments and medications because the family could financially support their child. However, they still saw how it was so hard for their child to grow up with this kind of disorder. Their child became healthier after a few years and grew up happily even with this sickness, the parents were happy and knew how the few treatments and diagnosis helped their kid.

When the child grew up, he and his parents thought of a way how to help other people with conditions like him. They knew it wasn’t easy to have this kind of disorder and they know how hard it is for the other people’s to even get checked up, especially those who are not financially stable. Eventually, they were able to make a foundation and organization with the help many and support from others. It wasn’t also easy to just create a foundation, receive donors and make it all successful from the start. But with the people who support them, they thought of many ways to build this foundation and help more children and adults with illnesses.

They also thought how sports can generate money for their organization. It was used to gain donations from others and they weren’t just able to collect funds but they were also able to let these athletes play and do what they love to do the most. As a foundation, they were all happy to give happiness and reach out to the people who suffered from sickness as well. It was hard yet it all paid off in the end because up until now, their mission to do good deeds is still a success.